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chartjs-plugin-annotation - Annotations for Chart.js - - The best FOSS CDN for web related libraries to speed up your websites! How to add text labels and annotations to D3.js-based plots in javascript.

Support » Plugin: M Chart » Calling the Highcharts annotations module Highcharts says to “Include the following file 'modules/annotations.js' after  dygraphs lets you add annotations (markers) to individual points on your chart. These markers have a short bit of text or an icon that's displayed over the chart, plus  Drag and drop on a chart to add annotation

Upon inspecting the Charts options, it looks like something has changed in Chart.js where it is coping the annotations array making it inaccessible from the annotations plugin. Aka, you try to add line into the annotations array and it doesn't appear in the charts options.annotations array.

An x-axis annotation is a vertical line that is drawn on the x value of the chart. In the example below, a timestamp is passed in the x property of the annotation. annotations: { xaxis: [ { x: new Date('23 Nov 2017').getTime(), borderColor: '#775DD0', label: { style: { color: '#fff', }, text: 'X-axis annotation - 22 Nov' } } ] }

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In this blog, let's work with a simple candlestick chart and add some additional functionality to it—customize .

Drag and drop on a chart to add annotation